10 Toys Pet Parents Say Are Their Dog’s Or Cat’s Favorite

Economical Joy: A Steel-Wire Cat Dancing Toy with Rolled Cardboard, a Global Hit at Less Than $4.

Rave Reviews from Bengal Cat Owners: These toys, designed to mimic the movements of insects and birds, offer engaging play for active Bengal cats. The wiry and springy structure adds an element of unpredictability, keeping playtime dynamic.

2. A *silent* dog toy with an ultrasonic squeaker only your pup can hear! That means your super chewer can go to town on their toy without interrupting whatever you’re watching on TV or waking up their angel baby sibling who’s taking a nap. 

gif of a dog squeaking the pig toyreviewer's dog with purple elephant tattoo

Promising review: “This friendly gator immediately became my dog’s new favorite toy! He loves a squeak toy as much as the next pup but I work from home so they’ve sadly been banned from the house. This toy works as advertised! I’ve tested it from rooms away and he definitely hears it and I do not. The negative reviews here are about the toy being destroyed. Know your dog, have realistic expectations. We’re a few scales down but it’s holding up just fine!” —Ginny L.

BuzzFeed editor Abby Kass just picked one up for her family’s pup and here’s what she has to say:

“My family’s dog LOVES squeaker toys. She squeaks them over and over and over again and especially loves to put on a little show when my dad’s in a virtual meeting. I was intrigued by this toy when I found it at the pet store and had to give it a try. I wasn’t sure how well it was going to work, but Izzy loves it so much. You seriously can’t hear a thing. I even took the toy in another room (without her knowing) and started “squeaking” it to see what would happen, and only a few seconds later she came running into the room looking for her toy. This toy is amazing. Izzy can squeak all she wants (as you can see in the gif above), and we don’t have to hear a thing. If you have a dog who enjoys squeakers, you need to invest in at least one of these toys.”

3. A self-grooming toy if your baby needs 24/7 scritches and scratches and they just don’t get the fact that you can’t do that while you sleep/eat/use the bathroom.

reviewer's tabby using the scratching toy

Promising review: “I had just barely got this thing stuck to a corner before Mac decided it was his favorite thing in the world. He won’t let the other cat use it, so I guess I’m going to have to get another one!”

4. A Jolly Ball that owners of German Shepherds, Border Collies, Boxers, Pit Bulls, and mutts of all shapes and sizes say is nearly indestructible! One pet parent also says it’s a great way to release pent-up “squirrel aggression” LOL.

Reviewer photo of a golden retriever with the rope end of the toy in its mouthReviewer photo of a dog at the beach with the ball end in its mouth

Promising review: “I have ywo dogs (a Rottie and a Pit mix) and they are 100% obsessed with their Jolly Balls. Hands down their favorite toy ever. Downside is that they really want someone to be throwing them at all times which gets super annoying. We have gone through about a dozen in the past few years. The excitement when they get a shipment with new ones is adorable and kind of makes up for how annoying they are begging to play all the time!!”

5. A three-tier cat toy with polka-dot balls they can bat at. One of my cats puts her arms on both sides and essentially plays a modified version of tetherball just with herself.

three kittens playing with the orange ball towerreviewer's orange cat batting at the ball tower

Both of my cats love this but one, in particular, just can’t get enough of this thing — especially in the middle of the night. More than once, I’ve woken up to her *punching* it and sliding it across the living room floor. She also loves to flip it over so it stands on the smallest tier and idk why but sure??

Promising review: “My cat’s favorite toy even after two years of playing with it… and good stress relief, too!! Everyone who has a kitty they love to spoil knows after several tries with expensive toys, the most inexpensive are the ones the kitties truly enjoy. My kitty has been consistently playing with this one since he was a kitten, while his expensive robotic toys have either broken or are gathering dust in his toy box. No matter how much rough housing goes on, this toy takes a lickin’ and keeps on ticking. Well worth $10!!”

6. A glow-in-the-dark ball for babies who insist on late-night romps around the backyard. It remains lit for 20–30 minutes after just ~5~ minutes of light exposure, so you can fit in a good game of fetch before it loses its magic. 

Reviewer photo of a dog holding the glowing ball in its mouth

Promising review: “My pup LOVES his glow ball. It’s his favorite toy. I love blasting it with a flashlight for a few minutes and then turning out the lights — it glows bright indeed!! We have two of them. Recommend!”

7. A fuzzy, purring cat toy that helps calm kitties with anxiety. If your pandemic babe simply can’t be separated from you or their siblings for any period of time, this is certainly worth a shot.

reviewer's gray and white cat cuddling the purple toya different reviewer's cat kneading the toy

The toy purrs for a solid two minutes when squeezed or cuddled so your cat can activate it on their own.

Promising review: “I LOVE THIS PURPLE CAT SO MUCH!!! I bought one for my kittens when I first got them and they still have it two years later! It is still their favorite snuggle buddy. I have since bought two more of them and I got more kittens recently for my grandma and I got one for her kittens and they love it too! I would strongly recommend this product to any cat owner!!!!

8. A Gumby plushie if your pup LOVES a toy with a squeaker and won’t know peace until they’ve found a way to rip it out. 

a reviewer's pug with their tail wrapped around the Gumby plushiea different reviewer's small dog with its arm wrapped around Gumby

Promising review: “Longest lasting toy and most enjoyable for my dog. I have a puppy (an 8-month-old Pitbull/Lab mix) who loves to tear up anything that squeaks or anything that’s plush, and time after time I’ve had to continuously toss and buy toys. This toy has been his favorite and has lasted through his teething phase as well as his adult teeth coming in (about 3 months). The squeaker is still intact which is shocking to me, but he’s also dragged it through mud, poop, water, you name it! Overall this was a great purchase for my pup.”

9. Or a Lambchop plushie for millennial pet parents who buy their baby toys based on their own nostalgia. (Guilty. 🙋‍♀️)

a reviewer's bulldog cuddled up with the lambchop plushie reviewer's dog taking a nap with their lamb toy

Promising review: “This was our mixed Lab breed’s first toy and it is still her favorite. I’ll be buying a new one soon. While she did manage to pop one or two of the squeakers, she hasn’t managed to chew them out of the body.  She still carries it around and squeaks the squeakers that are left. It will be hard to get her to let go of this one for a new one. It’s also cute cause her name is Cami and she is always with her lamb-y.”

10. A catnip-filled carrot your fur child can bunny-kick as hard as it wants. That way, your arm (or other cat) can catch a break.

A BuzzFeed editor's cat holding the orange and green carrot toy

I’ve had this toy for ~four years now and even though the catnip has long worn off, it’s still my cat Salty’s favorite toy. She chases it up and down the hall (it has great weight — it’s kind of like a beanbag — so it’s easily toss-able) and she likes to lick and groom the feathers as if they were another cat and I just find that SO freaking cute.

Promising review: “I have five cats and they have pretty much every toy out there. This is, by far, their favorite — so much so, I had to buy seven of these. I have one for each cat and two spare just in case because they love it so much. Not sure what it is about it being a carrot. It can’t be just because of the catnip because they have many other catnip toys but this is THE only one they want to play with.”

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