Why Does My Cat Squeak When I Pick Him Up?

Why Does My Cat Squeak When I Pick Him Up? Your Cat’s squeaking may send chills down your spine if you’re not prepared. It’s unpleasant and disrespectful to surprise a cat accidentally. Other than making your Cat into a cat-whisperer, there are techniques to ensure that your cat isn’t afraid when you pick them up. The most common reason for a squeaking cat is that it is terrifying. They may feel scared or nervous when you pick them up, and they tend to meow at the unfamiliar. However, not all cats will meow, and if they do, it does not always signify they are afraid.

Meowing is only one of the numerous ways that cats convey their feelings. Cat’s meow when they are anxious, enthusiastic, joyful, or traveling outdoors. Purring, hissing, and mewing are among the other noises they may produce. Cats are the most often connected with meowing, yet they are far from the only animals that do it. Kittens meow as well, while other tiny creatures such as birds and rodents produce various sounds.

Is it normal for a cat to squeak when picking them up? 

Yes, it is normal for a cat to make a squeaky sound when lifted. It usually starts at the early kitten stage for some when developing their vocals. A kitten under eight months old, for example, may produce such a sound when its voice is evolving. However, if an older cat does that, it happens due to different causes. Once again, we may not notice, but it is common among cats. Many may get shocked to hear their cat squeaking. Your Cat may squeak when lifted are; they may want your attention, feel surprised, or feel happy or out of irritation. Remember, not all cats are the same. Some enjoy affection, while some want to be left alone. Read their behavior well to understand them better. Nevertheless, if you think the noise they make occurred suddenly without any reason or sounds unusual, please consult a vet for clarification.

Why Do Cats Squeak When Picked Up?

Cats make different sounds, such as meowing, hissing, purring, and squeaking. Some sounds are meant to relay a message to their human buddies, while others are reserved for communicating with their folk. We need to distinguish between different sounds and their meanings as cat owners.

Below are some reasons why a cat may squeak when being picked up. 

Not happy to be picked up

If your Cat does not like being picked up by others or even by you, it may give a vocal response like this. It may be a one-off, and the sound came out awkwardly a long-term sound that some cats have, or a new cat (more on this later). Either way, it is a way to show you that it is not happy and gives you a vocal response.

New Cat is developing its vocals.

Some new cats, meaning young cats, or kittens, may still develop their vocal cords. And, when this happens, they may let out random squeaks like this. 

Being picked up incorrectly

Some cat owners may not pick their cats up correctly. When this happens, it can cause the Cat some pain or discomfort. And, the feedback could be this weird squeaky sound. The sound could be a scream or a deep meow for other cats, who are picked up incorrectly. But, it just depends on the Cat.

Cats Squeak to Get Out of Grip to Relieve Their Pain

Cats are stoic creatures—they can tolerate minor pain and don’t pay much attention to it unless it is very severe. But this doesn’t mean that they won’t express it when it hurts. When picked up, your fur ball may meow or squeak to communicate an underlying injury or pain that worsens when you hold her. To get rid of this pain, she will try to get out of your grip. If a cat scratched you when you picked her up, there might be a severe underlying issue. It’s better to consult the vet to treat the pain-causing her to behave wild.

Cats May Squeak to Grab Your Attention

My Cat Squeak When I Pick Him Up. Sometimes, when you pick up your kitty, she may squeak to respond to your gesture of picking her up. You have to judge the squeaking sound, whether she acknowledges your behavior or is not happy or comfortable with you. She might behave like this to grab a human’s attention and to show affection and love. If the squeaking sound is not too loud or hostile, it may just mean that she likes being picked up.

Cats Consider Themselves Bosses

As they say, “it is their home; you just pay the rent.” They consider themselves the bosses. When they are mature and grown up and know that it’s their right not to be picked up without their will, cats may show vocal disapproval in the form of squeaking. This verbal response is a sign of confidence, and they tell you this by communicating via squeaking. My Cat Squeak When I Pick Him Up When a cat matures, they develop a sense that they have a right to object to your decision to handle them against their will. Adult cats more often depict this behavior.

Kittens and young cats usually adapt human behavior, such as petting and picking them up. But adult cats know that they have the right not to be handled against their will.

Terrible Past Experience            

If you have adopted a cat and it squeaks when you hold her, it may point to some unpleasant experience in the past. A terrible experience of an adopted cat could be the reason behind the squeaking sound.

The only thing you can do here is show tolerance and makes her believe that you will not harm her. You should show patience in such a scenario and try to convince her to make her comfortable with you with cat treats or affection. Sometimes, a cat that has been through trauma may even take a year to trust a human again.

Allergies May Cause a Cat to Squeak

Another reason behind cats squeaking maybe allergies. The windpipe may get blocked due to allergy, and ultimately it distorts their vocal cords. If the issue is severe and your Cat is not recovering, it’s better to consult a vet. If your Cat’s meow is just reduced to a squeak, it may be due to laryngitis. The larynx is known as the Cat’s voice box, and any health condition in the larynx might affect the meow sound of your kitty. Laryngitis is a disease in which a cat’s larynx gets inflamed due to blockage, illness, or irritation in a cat’s throat. It may result in a squeaky sound in cats.

Your Cat Don’t Feel a Good Bond with You.

A new cat may struggle to get comfortable with you; she squeaks when you pick her up. Adopted cats usually behave this way because they have not yet developed a good bond with you. So, when you pick her up, she squeaks and struggles to get rid of your grip.

Give your furry friend some time to get familiar with a new home and new family members. Be patient and respectful to your new kittens and let them approach you independently. This will enable them to have some sense of control into a new human-pet relationship. They will probably allow you to pick them up in some time.


Why Does My Cat Squeak When I Pick Him Up? When we decide to maintain a pet, especially a cat, we must be aware of any warning signs the animal may give out. They have their language, and it is this language that they utilize to communicate with people. Every effort they make to share with us must be given our undivided attention.

Many cats make squeaky noises for a variety of reasons. They might be joyful or angry, or you could have misheard them, or they could be developing vocals as a kitten. However, could you not get too worked up over it? If your cats have a problem, a few basic tactics may be able to help them overcome it.



Why does my Cat squeak instead of meow?
Another reason cats squeak instead of meow is that their vocal cords are infected or diseased. A cat’s vocal cord infection makes it impossible for him to produce any sound other than meow. Cats can suffer from hyperthyroidism, UPI (Upper Respiratory Infection), laryngeal paralysis, and tumors or polyps, to name a few.
What is the Best way to pick up a cat?
Gently pick your Cat up from its shoulders, take your Cat both legs, and keep it close to your chest, providing your warmth. The process needs to be gentle and consensual.
Why does my Cat squeak when I pet her?
My Cat Squeak When I Pick Him Up The squeaking of your Cat indicates that it is not feeling well. Wither they want your attention, or they are sick. If your Cat makes such noises daily, then it is not something to worry about, but if it rarely makes such noises, it might not be feeling well or wants you to pet them.

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